What is the Bendigo Bank Rewards Program?

The Bendigo Bank Rewards Program allows you to earn Reward Points every time you make a purchase on your Bendigo Bank Red, Platinum and RSPCA Rewards Credit Card. You'll earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent on your Bendigo Bank Platinum Credit Card, and 1 point for every dollar spent on your Bendigo Bank Red or RSPCA Rewards Credit Card.

Who can join the Bendigo Bank Rewards program?

Anyone with a Bendigo Bank Red, Platinum or RSPCA Rewards Credit Card is automatically enrolled in the Rewards program. Only personal account holders can be members of the Bendigo Bank Rewards Program.

How do I register for Bendigo Bank Rewards program?

Simply go to the Bendigo Bank Rewards website registration page and enter your details. You are then ready to view points, redeem rewards and also able to receive electronic updates of our great products and offers.

I need to change my personal details. How do I do this?

Please contact the Bendigo Bank team on 1300 BENDIGO.

I need to change my password. How do I do this?

Changing your password is quick and easy. Simply click on Change Password, enter your new password, confirm your new password then click on the 'Submit' button.

I have forgotten my Bendigo Bank Rewards password. How do I get a new one?

Resetting your password is quick and easy. Simply click on Forgot your password? And enter your account number. An email will be sent to the email account that you provided when registering for the Rewards program. This email will enable you to reset your password.

How do I provide feedback or suggestions about the program?

Please use the Feedback Form located on the Bendigo Bank Rewards website. Alternatively, you can call the Bendigo Bank Rewards Contact Centre on 1300 650 285 and our dedicated team will be able to discuss any of your queries or feedback about the program.


Where on the Bendigo Bank Rewards website can I track my points?

Your current points balance will be displayed on the Bendigo Bank Rewards website when you logon. You can also view your points balance and a breakdown of all awarded points and points redeemed by clicking on the Points History page once you have logged onto the Bendigo Bank Rewards website.

How long does it take for points to be added to my Rewards account?

Please allow up to fourteen (14) working days for points to be added to your Rewards account.

I don't think my points total is correct. Who should I speak with about this?

Please contact the Bendigo Bank Rewards Contact Centre on 1300 650 285 and our dedicated team will be able to answer any questions, inform you of your points balance and resolve any queries you may have with regards to your points balance.

Do points expire?

Bendigo Bank Reward Points are valid for three full years.

Can I still redeem my points if I cancel or close my Bendigo Bank Rewards credit card?

If you close your Bendigo Bank Rewards account, you will forfeit any rewards points that have not been redeemed.

How do I look up all past points transactions?

The Bendigo Bank Rewards website provides a listing of your Reward point transactions and points total. You can view these by clicking on the Points History page once you have logged on to the Bendigo Bank Rewards website.

Is there a maximum amount of points I can earn?

No. There is no point capping on the Bendigo Bank Rewards program.

How does Points Plus Pay work?

Points Plus Pay allows you to choose the number of points you redeem, above the specified minimum, and pay the difference with your credit card to obtain the product you wish to order. With Points Plus Pay, if you don't have sufficient points to redeem for a Reward you can still redeem a Reward using a combination of Points Plus Pay.

Is Points Plus Pay available for all rewards?

No. Some Rewards are available for points only and may not be available using Points Plus Pay.

Why can't I increase the quantity of a Points Plus Pay Reward when I review my Cart?

When you use the Points Plus Pay you can only redeem for a single quantity.

I have made changes to the Points Plus Pay and/or quantity of the Reward I wish to redeem but the changes have not updated my total Points Plus Pay when I review my Cart.

Please click on the 'Update Total' button to update any changes you make before continuing.

I would like to redeem a Reward using Points Plus Pay. What are my options for payment?

Your linked Bendigo Bank Rewards credit card will be debited to make up the payments between the Points Plus Pay option. Cheques or cash payments are not accepted.

If I redeem a Reward will my points be deducted immediately?

Yes, as soon as you redeem a Reward the points will be automatically deducted from your Bendigo Bank Rewards point balance.

If I add a Reward to my Cart will my points be deducted?

No, points are only deducted from your Bendigo Bank points account once you proceed through the checkout and your order is completed.


How do I redeem my points through the Bendigo Bank Rewards website?

You can order Rewards through the Bendigo Bank Rewards website. There are 7 categories to browse through; Be Gifted, Be Active, Be at Home, Be a Tech Head, Be a Kid, Be Pampered and Be Generous.

Rewards include merchandise, experiences and gift cards. Redeeming Rewards can be done with points only or for certain items you can use Points Plus Pay - a combination of redeeming points and making a payment from your Bendigo Bank Rewards credit card.

Select the Reward that you wish to redeem and, if applicable, choose the Points Plus Pay amounts. Then click 'Add to Cart'. Once you are happy with your selection click 'Checkout' to redeem your Rewards.

How do I find a specific Reward?

You can browse for a Reward by using the search field in the top right hand corner of the Bendigo Bank Rewards website. Alternatively, you can use the Advanced Search which is located above the search field. The Advanced Search allows you to search for items by name, by points value or by keyword(s). Each Reward contains a picture, description, quantity, value of the item in points and the Points Plus Pay variable (if set for the respective item).

What if I want to cancel my order?

Once you have placed an order, the order will appear on the Orders page including its current status. Cancelation of an order can only be completed if the status is currently listed as 'ORDER'.

Where can I find a history of all past Rewards that I have redeemed?

You can view the details of all past orders you have made in the Orders page. You will be able to view the name of the Reward, the Points Plus Pay amounts (if applicable) and the status of your order. If the order status is listed as 'ORDER' you can cancel the order through the Orders page.


I haven't received my reward. When should I expect to receive my reward?

We will endeavor to deliver your Rewards within 10 working days after the completion of your order. If after 10 working days you have not received your order, please contact the Bendigo Bank Rewards Contact Centre team on 1300 650 285.

Can my Rewards be delivered to a PO Box?

All delivery addresses must be a street address within Australia. Post Office Box addresses will not be accepted.

Can my Rewards be delivered at a nominated time?

No, unfortunately we are unable to provide you with a specific date or time for a Rewards delivery.

Will I need to be home to receive my Rewards?

Yes, as most Rewards are sent by courier or Registered Post. For certain alcoholic products, you are able to specify delivery instructions to the courier e.g. "if not at home leave at back door". Alternatively, you can advise us of a work place address where you will be available between 9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday.

How much is the delivery charge for my Rewards?

The delivery charge will vary according to the Rewards you are redeeming. The delivery charge is included in the number of points quoted for Rewards. There is no additional payment required for postage.

Can I redeem a Reward for delivery to another person?

Yes. Simply provide the contact name and delivery address you wish to have the reward distributed to (delivery address must be within Australia).

Can I arrange for my Reward to be sent to an international address?

No – the delivery address supplied must be located within Australia.

Contact Centre

I have not saved my e-mail Order Confirmation including the Tax Invoice and now I need a Tax Invoice. What do I do?

You can request a copy of your tax invoice by contacting the Bendigo Bank Rewards Contact Centre. Simply call 1300 650 285 to request a tax invoice.

What happens if I'm not happy with my Reward?

You cannot return a Reward because you change your mind. If the product is faulty, damaged or unfit for use it may be returned within five days of receipt for an exchange or refund. Please contact the Bendigo Bank Rewards Contact Centre by calling 1300 650 285.

What happens if I lose a voucher or Gift Certificate?

A voucher or Gift Certificate (electronic or paper) redeemed from the Bendigo Bank Rewards website will not be replaced or refunded if lost, stolen, destroyed or expired.

Where do I find the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy?

You will find links to the Terms and Conditions at the footer of each page on the Bendigo Bank Rewards website. These include the Bendigo Bank Rewards Terms of Use, Privacy Statements and Bendigo Bank Terms and Conditions.

Who can I contact if I have a complaint?

Any enquiries regarding discrepancies with points redeemed or payments made to obtain Rewards should be directed to the Bendigo Bank Rewards Contact Centre by calling 1300 650 285, within six months of the date of the relevant order. Alternatively please use the Bendigo Bank Rewards Feedback Form, located here.

What can I do in case I don't find answers to my question in these FAQ's?

If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact the Bendigo Bank Rewards Contact Centre by calling 1300 650 285. We're open from 9am to 6pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

Be Rewarded Catalogue Terms and Conditions

The rewards providers, available rewards and details of points required to redeem rewards are subject to change without notification. All rewards are subject to availability and substitutions may be necessary. Rewards are subject to conditions that may be imposed by providers. The earning and redemption of Bendigo Rewards Points (including available rewards and expiry of points) is subject to the Bendigo Rewards Program Terms and Conditions available online at http://www.bendigobank.com.au/public or at any Bendigo Bank branch. Bonuses may be limited and available only while stocks last. Reward providers, including but not limited to Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (the Bank), shall not be held responsible for redemptions made for bonus offerings that are not able to be fulfilled. Information about a third party's products or services is provided for convenience only and does not represent an endorsement by the Bank. The Bank accepts no responsibility for its accuracy or completeness. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL 237879

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